13 Dec 2013

Through Joint Planning to a More Competitive Tourist Region

What are the tourism offers and potentials of the Međimurje and Zala Counties (Hungary) and can results in tourism in both border counties be improved through joint cooperation, exchange of experiences and efficient practice – those were the topics of the initial conference of the project Joint Planning CODE held on Friday, December 13 in the Hungarian town of Keszthely.  The project Joint Planning CODE – which implies collaborative planning and cooperation for the long-term development in the cross-border area – is financed through the IPA Cross-Border Programme Hungary-Croatia. The overall objective of the project is to secure a solid foundation for managing development in the cross-border region on the grounds of joint planning documents: Science Networks Strategy Support and a Zala County Tourism Destination Management Study, as well as a Strategic Marketing Plan of Tourism Development for the Međimurje County.

The leading partner in the Project is the Regional Development Agency of Međimurje REDEA, and other partners are: the Međimurje County Tourist Board and the Hungarian partners – the Regional Development Agency of the Zala County (ZMT) and the Lake Balaton Development Agency (LBDCA) from Siofok.

This project will be implemented for 16 months, and its total value is 207,829.65 EUR.