18 Oct 2013

Through Joint Planning to a More Competitive Tourist Region – The first meeting of the Project Joint Planning CODE held with the Regional Development Agency of Međimurje REDEA as the leading partner

The first meeting of the project Joint Planning CODE was held on Thursday, the 17th of October 2013 in the offices of the Regional Development Agency Međimurje. The project was approved for funding in the third invitation to tender of the IPA Cross-Border Programme Hungary-Croatia 2007-2013. Its implementation began on the October 1, 2013.

redea-prvi-satanakThe Regional Development Agency of Međimurje – REDEA is the leading partner of the project, with the Tourist Board of the Međimurje County as the Croatian partner in addition to two Hungarian agencies, the Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency and the Regional Development Agency of the Zala County. The total value of the project is 207,829.65 EUR, and the project will be implemented during a period of 16 months. The main activity of the project is to create a Strategic Marketing Plan of Tourism Development for the Međimurje County which will be based on a complete evaluation of tourism attractions and other resources of the region. The meeting was an opportunity for the partners’ joint elaboration of the activities foreseen in the project and the time frame required for the implementation of these activities. The process of designing the Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism Development is to be initiated in December of this year, while the preparation of strategic documents by the Hungarian partners for the Zala County is intended for January 2014. The next activity arranged by the Hungarian partners as part of the project is organising the initial conference in the Hungarian community of Zalaegersag in November this year.