15 Sep 2014

Conferences and workshops of region Zala development agency

The conference was organised by the ZMTFÜ. It was held on December 13th 2013 in the Balaton Museum in Keszthely. The leading partner introduced the targets, tasks and the planned project.

The workshops:

All workshops were similarly conceived. During the individual meetings the participants mostly took two lectures. One lecture analysed the cross- border possibilities of progress that could be achievable within the project framework. The other lecture presented the existing networks of economy, science and innovation that support decision-making processes within the Zala County.

Workshop locations and dates:

– Zalaegerszeg, March 25th 2014
– Keszthely, April 28th 2014
– Nagykanizsa, May 9th 2014
– Lenti, August 28th 2014
– Zalaszentgrót, September 15th 2014